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Episode 9: My November Faves

Hi Hippies!!!

I’ve missed you guys! Every week I don’t get to share stories and thoughts with you feels like an entire week of not talking to your closest friends. This really is true, because sharing my thoughts and experiences with you really is as cathartic as writing in a journal. This month has been truly interesting, from being the victim of some deep-seated microaggressions, to being queried by my father, getting to e-meet Laraba (Labs), starting a ‘Chef Cookout War’ with her and all the many things you didn’t know that happened in between.

As interesting as the month has been, it’s been just as exhausting and weighty. However, those weighty moments have been some of my favourite moments of 2020. So, join me on this ride as I share what I have been up to.

  1. STARTED A NEW CONVERSATION: One of my favourite moments of this month has been the day I opened up the conversation about microaggressions. Though I knew that it’s something many unconventional people go through, I didn’t know the extent to which we all went through them. Sometimes it feels like the mere fact that you have a different worldview, skin colour, passion or religion, automatically qualifies you to listen to people’s BS. But guys, we ain’t about that life anymore. This is 2020 and what this year has taught us is to distinguish between what is important and what is noise. The BS we are sometimes subjected to, is mostly noise! Simply just stand up for yourself and move on.
  2. BOOKED NEW DJ GIGS: Although I didn’t share this with you, this month has been great for me as a DJ. Interestingly, with all the uncertainties of life, economy and our health, people remained keen to pay a DJ to play sets for them and for that I’m grateful. If you ask me, I think peoples just needed a reason to relax and let loose. I mean, what better way to do that than with DJ KD! Lol (for those that get the reference, you are the real day ones :D). All jokes aside though, I’ve had a ball creating playlists for different people, occasions and vibes.
  3. MET TWO WONDERFUL LADIES: So, some of you may have been expecting this. Lol! And yes, Laraba was one of them. Since we both started sharing content on HIAS, I love the way she tells her stories, and her personality jumps through the pages. She’s intelligent and honestly sounds so real. I see a true friendship forming there. However, for the one you didn’t know, I met a lovely lady who will remain anonymous FOR NOW. I met her at work when she came to see her dad (Lol… no it’s not MR X’s daughter). She is intelligent, gentle, beautiful in and out, incredibly articulate and my favourite, SHE DOESN’T LIKE COOKING! Yes, I know you think it’s nuts, but much later I’ll tell you why that’s a turn on. Anyway, I’m getting to know her, and you can trust, she be feeling your boy though! 😀
  4. LAUNCHED KOBE’S KITCHEN: As you might know by now, I love cooking! But what makes it even better is sharing my creative process with friends. Which is why I was thrilled that Hippie In A Suit launched the Kobe’s Kitchen segment. I hope you guys have actually tried some of my recipes and would love to hear your thoughts and I am keen to share more with you. Also, do you think I would have won if I battled it out with Labs? LOL!

Anyway guys, these are some of my favourite moments of November. There are a lot more, such as the outcome of the American election and the fact that my Nigerian brothers and sisters seemed to get vindication from CNN’s report. This month has taught me to be grateful for the little wins and the power of gratitude. Gratitude and humility like the HIAS Thursday post said, is what will take us further than we intended.

So on this note my Hippie family, seasons greetings in advance, take care of yourself and remember to always stand up for yourself!!

One love! Kobe

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