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Episode 10: ‘Tis The Season…

Hello Hippies!! Wawu! Na so the year come take finish like this? I never esperred this year but we got what we got, and made of it what we made of it.

My Oscar speech for surviving the year 2020 goes; “I would like to thank the Almighty God for seeing me through this year! If not for you baba God where I go be? I want to thank Mama Larai for showing me at an early age, the strength of a woman. Without your inspiration, I would not have handled this year as gracefully as I did (if you don’t agree, kindly go and hug a transformer :D). I wouldn’t have been as resilient, forgiving and enduring, if I wasn’t raised by a Queen that showed me how it’s supposed to be done. Thank you momma! And finally, to my one and only Pops, thank you so much for protecting, advising, and even financing my 2020. Daddy, without you my pocket will have been hella dry. You came through for your girl, majorly!”. Lol! That Oscar speech, Halle Berry could never compete even with all those her tears 😀

Anyway on a more serious note, this year has been brutal but we end on a positive note and having gotten to share with you guys has been one of the biggest highlights of my year. So, thank you too Hippies! You might ask, what has happened to Laraba? Why so much sentimentality and I would say, omo na Christmas cause am! (Christmas made it happen). I absolutely love Christmas because it’s a season that radiates love. People are generally kinder, Lagosians are saner and whatever madness crawls the streets of Lagos seems to take a break. For my non-Lagosian Hippies, this part is vital. Imagine you work in an asylum where there’s constant commotion; nurses running around chasing committed patients, patients cursing and misbehaving – but then once a week you get a break from all this crazy. Wouldn’t you be happy, even borderline hysterical with giddiness? Well that’s what it feels like for me and the Christmas period is that time where I take a break … 😀

However, to be honest I think for a lot of people, it represents hope. Hope for a better ‘next year’. December signifies the curtain call to whatever issues or losses we had been dealt with, whilst acting as the forerunner of a new year full of endless possibilities. Being the optimist that I am, I align with that to be honest, because in December I start creating that new year’s resolution list. You know the one nau! The one that must include a predictable “lose weight” and a “make better financial decisions” or “get closer to God”. But if my mother has any say in my list it must include “get married and be pregnant”… lol… Mama Larai does not play with her grandchildren. In case you’re feeling sorry for her, she already has 3 grandchildren o! She just wants to make sure that the rest of her unmarried and childless offspring, “don’t feel left behind”. Can you imagine that?! That’s actually what she says.

In fact, let me give you quick gist! So my mum rang me on my last birthday in April saying: “Laraba, Laraba? Can you hear me? This your bad signal has started. When I tell you to move to a better place, you’ll start complaining that you don’t have money. Larabaaaa?!” at which point I had still not said a word. “Eh mama?! (yes mother) I can hear you!” I said. Before I could continue, she said “Sannu baby na! Happy Birthday love! I’ve prayed many more years for you! You’ll see your children’s children”. Prayer from your mother, of course I was shouting the Amen! Little did I know Madam meant me o! As she finished the “your children’s children bit” that’s how she added, “so when will that be? You know you’re not getting any younger? Is there anyone taking you out for your birthday that can marry you?” My people!! Na so I open mouth dey look the phone wey dey my hand! My mother didn’t even take a breath as she assaulted my ears with plea for husband. I didn’t know when I said, “Ah me? Of course, I’m going out. Tobi is taking out for dinner tonight. In fact, mummy he’s calling now to plan for tonight. Thank you, Ameeeen and I’ll call you tomorrow. Love you! Byeeee!” I hung up before she could say anything else. That woman?!! I love her but, walahi! Is it just my mother guys? Are yours just like that or is this queen of mine just a special breed? LOL.

Anyway, as I was saying before I digressed, I’m going to create my obligatory new year’s resolution list full of hope and 65% of things I probably wouldn’t achieve. But that 35%, just trust that 2021 is going to be fire!! So, in the spirit of my favourite time of the year, Seasons Greeting everyone! Remember to blast your Christmas music on the loudest from carols to Mariah Carey to jingle bells, everything counts. And for those joining in Secret Santas please remember, ain’t nobody want an unnamed deodorant or a bar of soap or some other thing you think is funny. Ko funny ra ra…. let’s be guided 😀

On that note Hippies, please be safe, be kind and share love this season. We all need a little love in our lives.

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