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The Money Gang – Real Estate Investments: Facts & Myths

Hello Hippies!

We are back with a second installment of our business, finance and investments segment  – The Money Gang! 

Our guest on Episode 8 of the podcast, is our pioneer Hippie of the Month, Feso Adeniji. Feso is the Chief Marketing Officer of Arcee Realty,  a Lagos-based contemporary real estate service provider specialising in property marketing and consultation.

We catch up with Feso on the topic of Real Estate Investments: Facts & Myths and she talks about the numerous opportunities for investments in the real estate space. Feso also gives some insight and provides useful tips on how young professionals may be able to get on the property ladder. She also tells us about the exciting and innovative things Arcee Realty is doing in the Lagos State real estate market.

We found this chat super interesting, insightful and hope you do too. Enjoy!

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