Hippie In A Suit

About Us

“Creativity Comes From Looking For The Unexpected And Stepping Outside Your Own Experience” 

Masaru Ibuka

We are a community of likeminded  individuals altering the narrative that you can only thrive with the conventional professions (doctor, lawyer, accountant or  engineer, etc.) as we believe this is archaic. This ignores the fact that a lot of us are natural creatives/entrepreneurs and really could see ourselves doing something more than a 9-5.  The community will allow us explore that side and meet with other professionals with eclectic and quirky interests through storytelling, events, travel, and apparel.

“To build a community of people in the corporate hustle who have eclectic and quirky tastes, and also love and seek adventure outside of their professional lives.”


“To change the narrative about our abilities to thrive in both corporate and creative worlds whilst projecting the relevance of blackness and Africanity in a global space.”